Confused what to build my store website with, Any Suggestion ?



ive dwelt with wordpress long time ago in 2012 or 2014, was building a local game news site using my local scene as a content and building it with wordpress theme or so, and sold my domain after 2 years of maintaining.

im now like completely confused on all the new things wordpress has and back then i dont know or use block or elementor just used the heave theme ive given by a friend.

now im going back in making my small store site (we sell coffee beans in indonesia) and kinda confused what to use. gonna go with elementor but some reviews here said its to heavy, was going to use crocoblocks with it but same reviews also in this subreddit, trying using FSE (is it compatible with woo coomerce ?)

this is some of the site i get inspiration from :

[]( | []( | [](

my hosting service provide some pro stuff like ELEMENTOR/CROCO/DIVI/OXYGEN/GENERATE/STUDIO/ASTRA

dan somebody give any suggestion on what to build ?




PS : Sorry for the broken english ser.


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