Confusion over templates and pages, help!!!

Hi Folks,

I’m creating my website on but still confused about the use of pages and templates, I’m trying to fill static pages on my site with content Eg Home, About us, Products, Partners, Contact. When I try to create stuff on just the page without a template it looks very strange when I view the site, its all small and weird (fyi I’m using the Sonoran theme). When I use the template to create the page I want with all of the content it looks great, but I read and have heard from other people that you’re not meant to do that, you’re meant to put the content onto the “page” and use the template as the structure. But then when I try to do a combination of both it will completely divide the content and layout of what’s been created on the actual page and what’s been created on the template. And sometimes it will even completely hide the content created on the actual page in favour of showing what is on the template that has been applied. I’m so confused. To me it seems like everything you want should be on the template and then you apply that to the page required, that seems to be the only way to get anything that looks normal.

I’ve attached some screenshots to show the weirdness. Clearly I’m dong something wrong.


[Created on my partners page. Why is it all small and cramped?](

here is a second image showing a strange split between content created on the actual page and content created in the template that has been applied.


[bottom part is created on the template, top part is created on the page. what is going on?????](


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