Cookie banner not showing on translated pages

Prior to today, my site had Swedish and English language, and the Cookie Banner showed with my two translations. I use Polylang. Today I enabled German as well, and now something is amiss.

I have translated all Complianz strings in Languages > Translations to German. All strings show at page=mlang_strings&s&group=complianz&paged=1

When I visit the Cookie Banner settings page, having changed the language in the top menu from ‘Show all languages’ to Deutch
The preview of the German banner shows in the right bottom corner. If I change to Swedish or English, the preview shows the correct cookie banner preview.

I have fiddled around back and forth, deleting cookies in dev console, but I can’t get the German Cookie Banner to show. What’s more, now the English Cookie Banner is gone as well.

I discovered that prior to the problems starting, both Swedish and English had a cookie set cmplz_policy_id=14. The newly created German front page had a cmplz_policy_id=15.

Now that the English Cookie Banner refuses to show, the English front page has cmplz_policy_id=15. i.e. it changed from 14 to 15 somewhere along the line.

Seems something is wrong. I toggle between the Swedish and the English front page, and the cookie banner shows only for the Swedish page. Shouldn’t the cookie consent that a visitor gives, apply to all the site and not just the part of the site with the language the user viewed the cookie banner in?

I am at a loss.

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