Correct statistics ? |

Hello @r2ymedia,

Couple of reasons I can think of:

  • Infomaniak might be counting bots, whereas Koko Analytics excludes these.
  • Your website receives a lot of visitors with an ad-blocker installed. Despite Koko Analytics being privacy-friendly and only storing aggregated counts, it’s still included on a popular ad-block filter list (called “EasyPrivacy”) which a lot of ad-blockers use. Therefore, anyone using an ad-blocker will not be counted by Koko Analytics.

Personally I think reason #1 accounts for the majority here, as there is a lot of traffic by bots these days (ie search engines, AI language models, web scrapers). For your webhost this traffic is relevant because it is still eating into your/their bandwidth, but for Koko Analytics it usually isn’t.

As long as you are comparing apples to apples, I wouldn’t worry about it. Ie compare Koko Analytics numbers to previous Koko Analytics numbers and not to other tools.



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