Cost estimate

Hi. I have a website that I built on and I’ve been procrastinating migrating my site to because I’m a bit out of my depth. I’ve also had a tonne of functionality issues with my site: the amount of tweaks I have to make to padding and layout every time I create a new page just to make it work is a lot. got rid of their chat support so I have no one to ask for help when I’m running into errors that can’t be fixed without a css tweak. For this reason I was thinking of starting from scratch but even the latest 2023 theme that has editor capabilities doesn’t look great when I tried a staging site and I struggled when I tried out element and Devi builder. It really is not my skillset.

So I was wondering what the cost would be to have my site migrated to and have some help setting up hosting somewhere. Or alternatively building a new site that’s similar to my current site but cleaner.

I really need to be able to work on the site myself in future if I need to add a page or switch things up a little bit but most of the inexpensive web design services use things other than WordPress and don’t allow access to my site for editing.



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