Custom Field character limit |

Currently the limit is 50 characters. We can increase the limit. 100 characters should be fine?

That would be amazing, thank you.

As a side note, commas and other punctuation aren’t allowed in these fields. Is there a reason for that? We are getting frustrated feedback from some users because they’re having to go back and remove these characters from the form to be able to submit. It makes things like an address very difficult to read correctly in the back end too.

Is this something that is easy to address?

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Should be easy to address. What characters, besides the comma, should also be allowed?

Full stops, hypens, colons, and semi-colons could be commonly used in an address I suppose. Would that be okay?

I appreciate the really quick response to my query by the way. Top support!

Updated the plugin to version 1.50.1 that adds the changes.


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