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Hi @omarperezdev

With the free version it works only for pages and blog posts, and you need some custom code. For custom post types you will need the PRO version, but it’s still under development and not ready yet.

With the free version if you need to use a different template file on mobile, you can copy the template file of your theme and put it in one of these folders:



For example, if your theme is “theme-name” and you want to load a different single.php on mobile, it will be something that looks like this:




In the case of mobile devices, Specific Content For Mobile will look for the custom template file first in wp-content/themes/theme-name/scfm and if it doesn’t find it in wp-content/scfm.

But this works only for the template files that are called by WordPress, not those ones called from the theme or plugins.

With the PRO version, it will be possible to do what you asked. I hope it will be ready soon.

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