Customer used a discount code I did not create

Hey there 👋

Thanks for reaching out!

It looks like a coupon “discount_initial” was used to place an order on your site however that coupon code is not one listed in your list of coupons, correct?

Thanks for proactively sharing your sites SSR, this is very helpful!

Woo Subscriptions: by WooCommerce – 5.9.1

I am able to see that you are using the Woo Subscriptions extension, and checking your site, your products are indeed subscription based.

The coupon code you are seeing is automatically generated by Woo Subscriptions in cases where the totals do not match after a failed attempt or the subscription was manually discounted.

Since this specific issue relates to a premium extension, Woo Subscriptions, if you have a valid license, please contact us directly via > My Account > Support. You may need to log in to the account used to purchase the extension before you are able to access that page.

As per the forum guidelines, no support for premium extensions is done here but we will be happy to assist you further from there.

Kindly note: When submitting the request internally, please share a link to this forum thread and also let us know if the payment for this specific order failed initially but the customer went ahead and paid on the second try.


Thanks for your reply Roxy. I really appreciate it. What you are saying makes sense as there may have been a failed attempt. If I need to investigate further I will contact Woo Subscriptions. Thanks again!


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