1. Do you have Cloudflare set up properly? Because their DDoS orodearion should just work.

    You also could try a DNS services like [CloudNS](https://www.cloudns.net/ddos-protected-plans/) and a good host that offers sucrity features like [runcloud.io – it has DDoS protection](https://runcloud.io/docs/openlitespeed-faq)

    They also use: [Fail2ban is an open-source software product that monitors log files for suspicious activity. It can be configured to take the action needed to prevent further attacks. This method is widely used to protect web servers, applications, and other network services from brute-force attacks and DDOS attacks.](https://runcloud.io/blog/fail2ban-wordpress-cloudflare#what-is-fail2ban)

  2. Cloudflare is an effective tool to mitigate ddos attacks. It still requires human response.


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