Delete all Unverified but keep all Old User

Hi @agreda ,

Accounts are still being created, and I understand now this plugin allows the account creation but prevents login until verified.

Our “spam protection” is a helpful feature if you want to prevent spam users from registering.
Here is a screenshot –
This feature requires knowing the types of username or email patterns spammers are using so that you can set the pattern to prevent them from registering.

And if the spammers are clever enough and don’t follow a specific username or email pattern, then the final option is to delete them.

About Delete unverified users

Will this delete any existing users?
The answer is ‘No’. this option will not delete any existing or old users that were registered before our plugin was installed.

Why is this NOT recommended?
It’s not a good practice to automatically verify existing users because there might be spam users, but if you’re confident they’re legit, then surely it’s recommended.

Will this delete the user at the network level, or only remove them from the subsite?
No worries. Users will only get deleted from the subsite where ‘delete unverified users’ setting is enabled. It will not delete users from the network level.

Please, let me know if you have any more questions.


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