“Design your own” theme functionality in .org similar to .com?

I have a [wordpress.com](http://wordpress.com) site and have been toying with migrating it to wordpress.org. I got cheap wordpress.org BlueHost hosing for like $2.95/month to play around with it. I am very happy with the way I designed my site in wordpress.com using the “design your own” functionality (it’s called the Assembler theme). Is there a similar thing like that on wordpress.org – where I can just go through options for how i want my site created? Simple building blocks to put my site together, nothing too fancy. Also, if I were to migrate my site to wordpress.org, does it migrate the design, too?

  1. [Wordpress.com](https://Wordpress.com) uses “WordPress” – it’s the same software, mostly.

    However, depending on what plan you’re on with [Wordpress.com](https://Wordpress.com), migrating is not easy. Unless you’re on Creator or higher, you can’t install plugins, so you’re stuck with the Tools > Export option, which doesn’t move images. Self-hosting WordPress doesn’t have any restrictions.

    Your best bet it to get some WordPress hosting (BlueHost is not a good host BTW – search for them in r/webhosting), then recreate your site there.

  2. If you just want to play around with it, you can use something like localwp.com to create a development space on your computer.


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