Different redirect with multiple shortcodes on page

If you post URL of any of the posts where you are using these shortcodes, I would be able to check what’s wrong.

Scroll the “key takeaways” section of the post to see a popup with Shortcode 1 (no redirect)

Click the button “free courses” on the top right to see a popup with Shortcode 2 (has redirect).

You cannot have two sets of Social Login icons on a single page that redirect to two separate URLs. If you want to redirect users to a separate page from the one you have set in the social login configuration, create a separate page having the shortcode with the redirect_url parameter with the redirection URL of your choice without another set of social login icons on the that page.

In your case, that popup having the social login icons with the redirect_url parameter, could be having a link (something like – Start learning ->) to a page that has the shortcode with that parameter. I don’t see any problem right now with the users clicking the social login icons in the Free Courses popup and being redirected to the App page.


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