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Hello, I am helping my dad redo his business’s website . I have minimal experience using wordpress and divi builder and i’ve just been watching videos on youtube.

The first picture is how it looks on the front end when i go to edit the navigation bar . I’m not sure why a contact form and another navigation menu is included when i enter the divi library to edit the current navigation menu . I am positive that these elements were not present when I initially made my intended changes to the current navigation menu , as they did not manifest on the live website before this issue occurred .

The second two pictures is how the website looks now . When i try to delete the contact form from the divi library template , the changes are not updating on the live website . Additionally , the large white area around the navigation menu was all
blue and the buttons became disoriented , just like the picture showing how everything looks when you edit within divi library . I had to make it white for now so that it didn’t look as tacky as being surrounded by all blue , but now i am unable to change the color or the dimensions of the blue section . Originally the blue section was a thinner blue rectangle section housing the address as well as facebook and instagram logo links , but after I saved the initial changes it seems like the dimensions of said blue section were expanded and surrounded the navigation menu . An example of how it looked originally (but from another website ) is included in the last photo. A thin rectangular section for the address and social media links . Another bit of info for context , i did access the css files via the divi theme customizer to alter the color of some buttons and aspects of the website . This is because i had outsourced this project originally but the way they built the website was confusing for me i believe they just copied and pasted elements of the example reference website i sent them and now all those elements are one layer and i am unable to edit them individually. That being said i am having trouble retracing my steps to figure out what changed the navigation menu . I cant determine if making my edits within the css files caused this change or if it is something through divi library builder. Again i am very new to anything web development related so i apologize for the rough explanation and appreciate any help or advice. I’ll be happy to give more details if it will help as well . Thanks .

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  1. Hello there you are using a pre made template and these sub menus are included in them. You can go to menus and delete the ones you don’t want.


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