Divi Vs Kadence for Wocommerce

I have been using Divi theme for the last six months and Kadence for the last two months. However, I am still unsure which one to use for my Wocommerce shop. While it is true that none of them are perfect. However, I am completely confused. How can I choose the right one? Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. It will take approximately the same investment of your time either way. Both are going to give you approximately the same support for WooCommerce. Divi has a much, much longer track record with WooCommerce (10-12 years!) while Kadence and blocks in general are still working the kinks out. But both the Divi and Kadence communities are enthusiastic and I’m sure you can get support for any question you might have for either one.

    So while I’m not a huge fan of blocks I’m going to say *given your choice* I’d go ahead and figure out WooCommerce with Kadence. It’ll give you more flexibility long term. Divi is more of a “closed system” so over time you’ll have fewer options.


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