Do block themes require a child?

I hope my question doesn’t break the rules as I am not asking for specific theme support.

I just got started using block themes and I was wondering if a child theme is required for not loosing template customization?

  1. No, block themes allow you to customize the template and store it in the database. With a block theme, the database content takes precedence over the theme content, so childs are not really required.

  2. You can get deep dives into the question from official WordPress sources but the short answer for the first two comprehensive documents I found say yes, if you plan to any serious customization that involves touching files then you should still create a child theme.


    * Learn WordPress:
    * FullSiteEditing:

    If you’re building from scratch (and not distributing updates with, say, Git pushes or from a private repository) then you don’t have to bother.

    Otherwise there are still a number of plugins that do overrides by copying and modifying folders in the theme. (E.g. WooCommerce, TheEventsCalendar.) It would probably be pretty messy to copy those directly into the TwentyTwentyFour theme folder and still expect future techs to check before, say, re-installing the theme.

    Bottom line: it doesn’t hurt to create a child theme. It’s incredibly simple. It provides a bit of future proofing. So why not?

  3. If you adjust the theme writing your own css (style.css) or add simple functionality with php (functions.php), on theme level, it’s wise to have a child theme.

    I always use child theme, that habit doesn’t die on me.


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