do clients usually want the website design to be delivered by psd file ?

i found this one client that asked me to send the design in psd file, as i work on a complex website design with more than 100 pages i thought itll be good with me just give the figma file ownership and pdf file but the client ask me to give the design in psd after i finished the design, is it normal btw ? or i just find it now since im still new in freelancing ?

  1. The industry has outgrown PSD for UI design, so I guess the client is still pretty old fashioned in that way?

    Sharing the Figma design seems more than enough to me, maybe you need to explain that this is the ‘new’ industry standard for UI design.

  2. Clients who make requests like this are trying to make themselves look like they know what they’re talking about.

  3. This individual is the false intellectual. They are pretending to know/ care about the inner workings of what you do.

    This is the equivalent of the uncle that pretends to be cultured by wearing a Pink Floyd “dark side of the moon” shirt but can’t name a single band member. (This is me demonstrating the concept, as I cannot name one).

    They don’t want to seem like they have no clue what’s going on, so they gravitate to surface level talking points, like PSD files.

  4. I think it’s most likely their developer just requested a psd version? This is why you should always specify how your work will be delivered. Then if they ask for a different format you can say no or bill them for the time it takes.


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