Do not have a website and There has been a critical error on this website. pops up when visiting

Hi can anybody help me I am trying to visits []( which I obviously do not own and just today There has been a critical error on this website started popping up. both on my MacBook and iPhone. I do not own any websites and the FEH website is the only one giving me trouble.

  1. This website has coding problem and it’s not yours so you can’t do anything about it 😀

  2. I”m unsure as to what you hope we can help with? You don’t own the site and yes it is displaying a critical error. This could mean many things and this looks like some sort of internal server error (500). I can see that it’s a japanese site and that NOTHING is working. The site owner, and / or hosts will be the only ones who can get it back.

    You could gamble at an email adress for them being something like “[email protected]” and if it’s set up correctly there will be a rule to send anything to the domain to the owner / host.


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