Do you prioritize patterns vs blocks

So it’s my first time building a website with ACF blocks and I caught myself creating blocks for something that could basically be done with a couple core blocks and some CSS. So I’m now wondering do you always prioritize patterns and only create custom blocks for something that you won’t be available to build with core blocks (e.g. Accordions, Custom queries, Sliders).

Thank you in advance.

  1. If you can do it with a basic block, it probably makes more sense to do it that way.

  2. Yeah you have the right idea. You can accomplish A LOT now with basic core blocks and adding some custom CSS and saving it as a pattern for re-use. I ended up doing that quite a lot for my last Gutenberg site. I only ended up making ACF blocks for very specific niche functionality things that couldn’t otherwise be accomplished with the core blocks.


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