Downloading Theme Images

Hey, I purchased a theme that I wanted to use for my wordpress site, but after more consideration, decided on GHL instead for website hosting. Only problem is, the images that were in my theme were perfect for my site and finding similar stock photos is difficult.

I still have my theme .zip file. Is there any way possible to export the media / image files from the .zip file? I researched and there’s no way to upload a theme into GHL at the present moment.

I reached out to the theme company with this question and got the answer below, only thing is I no longer have the wordpress account since switching over, so there’s no ‘media library’ to refer to anymore unless I purchase a paid plan which is something I’d rather avoid.

Any help is appreciated – figured someone may know more about this.

*The demo images will not be available in the theme .zip file which you downloaded from ThemeForest. Once you perform demo import, these images will be imported to the “Media Library” of your WordPress installations and sored in your database.*

  1. Bottom line, there is no way to do what you are asking. Those images are only stored in the media library, not your theme zip file.

  2. Inspect the theme demo code to get the images out of it and then add them in your GHL site.

  3. So import the “theme” inside of your current install. Refer to theme documentation on how to do that.

  4. Following up to say the browser inspector tool worked great! I was able to pull down the images I needed. I knew coming here would be of help – thanks you all.

  5. Install the theme, import the demo content, then change themes. The images will still be in your library.


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