Duplicate payments for Woo Subscriptions renewals

I’ve never once encountered a support request where the cause of a duplicate payment was because of the Stripe plugin.

Here’s my recommendation for investigating:

  1. Look at your WooCommerce logs, specifically the “fatal-errors” log. See if any plugins are throwing a php exception which is preventing the renewal order status from being updated.
  2. Look at the timestamps for the duplicate payments. How much time is between the two payments?
  3. What’s your process for confirming a duplicate payment? Do you have unique charge ID’s within Stripe?


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The wc-stripe logs had the answer. “This typically happens when you have multiple webhooks setup for the same Stripe account. This order most likely originated from a different site.”

It was a dev copy of the site with emails suspended but Woo Subscriptions was not in staging mode, and it was spitting out renewals that were trying to report back to the live site webhook.

Thanks for this. It was a bit alarming. Your plugin is rock solid 😀


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