Edit pages suddenly turned to a white background??

I was working and everything was fine but for some reason every single edit page has a white background and I can’t change the color. First it was inherited from the main page and now it’s just broken. All the updates I make on the website still go through but it just works annoying since I was using white text on a dark background. The published website works fine btw and still has the correct background

  1. I jsut started having this same issue yesterday. I thought it was because I was starting to mess around with JS. I just looked up to see when this update released…. YESTERDAY! So I come to reddit to see if anyone else is having issues. Yup, glad I am not alone.

    I have white text on a dark blue background, and I can’t see anything to edit it. This is awful. I am hoping a update comes sooner than later.

    I am going to restore a backup and not update to 6.5, see if it truly is the issue and just not update until its fixed.

    Edit: I just restored a backup to 6.4.3, everything is working as epected. 6.5 breaks the editor background. I am using Blocksy theme.

  2. I woke up this morning to my entire site being a blank white page. It had updated to wordpress 6.5 overnight. I rolled back to the latest backup, updated the theme and plugins – then updated to wordpress 6.5. Everything is working fine now. It’s probably an update issue.

  3. I would check first in the browser console to see if there are any errors.


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