Edit with Elementor no longer loads

Good day, I believe I have tried it all to troubleshoot. It does not load on frontend, on page/post edit page, nor on the post/page listing pages.

Upgraded from v3.18.3 to v3.19.0, not sure if that caused the issue. I have downgraded to as far back as v3.17.0 and issue persists. What is more strange is, I have a multisite setup, it loads on the other domains, except the main domain.

I have done the following:
1. Yes checked settings that the post types are enabled
2. Cleared cache from Elementor, Cache Plugin as well as Browser
3. Deactivated all plugins, leaving only Elementor, and the 1 plugin related to the theme
4. Deactivated all plugins, leaving only Elementor plus changed theme to Twenty Twenty One
5. I have reinstalled WordPress from the updates panel (v6.4.2)
6. I have deleted Elementor and reinstalled

Running PHP 8.1, max_execution_time = 900, memory_limit = 3000M

But again it is weird, it works on other domains on multisite setup, even one with same theme and similar plugins active. Could this be a Elementor database update issue? Is there a way to initiate the update, or what can be done? This is crazy because, it took me over 2 years to get the website to exactly how I envisioned it, I was like YES this is it, THEN ELEMENTOR BREAKS, I still have few minor changes to make, LOL.


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