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  1. In looking over your post history, you REALLY need to find a different company to work for. You are an intern, and no one where is assisting with the issues you ask??

    As mentioned by others in another post you are going to need good documents requirements. If you walk into this project with just the parameters you gave here, you are going to find yourself walked over with changes and guess on what they really want.

    So what I would say is “the important essentials required”: better communication with the client. Details should be spelled out. Is it free training, it is paid. If paid, it is just mainly one line of lessons for a single course, or are there multiple courses? If multiple, do they get them all when they pay or will they pay per course? Is there a time limit on access to course? Is there evaluation of material learned (tests/quizes). Will the person learning be able to contact the person offering the couse? If so, what method? Will material be all videos, will it be text based or both. Will there be accompanying content the learning party needs to be able to download with the course?

    These are just an intro of things to know before picking what solution to use.


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