Elementor / A lot of the WP Back-end running slowly

I’ve been tasked with maintaining / updating a website for a client for a variety of things. (On page SEO, Page Speed, Plugins). The site was not built or hosted by me. It was built by a third party that happens to provide a software. They are the ones that have hosting access, they also refuse to give access to said hosting. (Had an issue where I needed to query the database for some content that I couldn’t locate but was permeating on all pages.)

I’ve noticed that on this site, it takes a long time to do things inside the back-end, whether it’s navigation or making page edits. I suspect that the site is on a subpar shared hosting plan.

I inquired with the third party on whether or not hosting could be the cause. They deflected and say the slowness could be due to the elements/content added to the website. However I don’t believe this to be the case. The home page might be a little bit longer than average. But in terms of posts/pages/blogs there’s probably less than 10 altogether? We also don’t collect or store any information from the user on the site. (No user functionalities, all data collection goes to third parties, (Mailchimp, Typeform).

Do you guys think it’s the hosting?

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  1. It’s not content, or Elementor.

    What plugins is the site running?

    A plugin called Query Monitor can help with debugging, but my guess is it’s the hosting.

    Check Tools > Site Health > Info and look how much memory is available.

    If the site is on shared hosting, that is almost certainly the cause.


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