Entire site down, zero access to anything – WordPress and WooCommerce support are 100% unreachable because I can’t export any logs.

Alright, so this one’s a doozy. And before anyone responds with the simple “turn off plugins” or “roll back to a backup” – those are not options. I’m willing to be told I’m wrong, but I’ve worked in IT for years and pride myself on my troubleshooting ability – this is the first forum post I’ve ever made asking for help because damn, I am STUMPED.

Had a new e-commerce site I built up for about 6 weeks. Purchased through WooCommerce and hosted with WordPress\[.\]com. Built everything I needed using the pre-loaded plugins, plus WPFunnels+MailMint premium. Everything was 100% fine and I FINALLY built the landing pages exactly how I wanted them. I’ve taken payments, sent out mass emails, everything was solid and ready for the full “launch” after some pre-sales.

Went to log in one day and it was just *down*. Went to the wp-admin page, same error as below.

`”There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”`

So I can’t access anything directly on my site. Where next? I went to the WP host account to see what I could get to. BACKUPS! Cool, rolled back a few days. Nothing. Rolled back a week. Nothing. Rolled back to the very first day the site was created with only pre-installed plugins – NOTHING. Same error.

PHP error maybe? Changed PHP versions to every single one available one at a time. Nothing.

Was able to access PHPMyAdmin and after reading an article was able to manually disable all plugins in the database directly. Nothing.

Attempted to contact Woo support, but you have to associate the ticket with a specific plugin. I chose to submit a ticket under Woo Payments – couldn’t submit because it requires a “system status report” exported from the site in order to start a ticket. Welp, obviously I can’t.

Attempted to contact WP support, but I got a stupid bot telling me to check my internet connection. Oh the irony. But it so helpfully told me that I could type “connect me to a human” to reach WP support. So I did, aaaand the chat is broken and all I get is a reload button.

WP gurus, where the hell else can I go with this??


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