Euro 2024 import matches |

Hi Antoine, the debug log says the following:

[04-Apr-2024 08:12:09 UTC] WordPress database error Unknown column 't.is_favorite' in 'field list' for query SELECT,,, t.flag,, AS group_id, as group_name, t.is_real, t.is_active, t.is_favorite, t.group_order, t.comments
FROM pool_wp_teams t

Looks like one of the upgrades didn’t work out well. I will check tonight and can give you some update scripts to solve it.

Other option, at least if you don’t have any football pool data that you would like to keep, is to deactivate the plugin with the “keep data on uninstall” option disabled and then activate it again. That will reinstall all database tables.

I’ll try that. I’ll let you know if this option works.

That was the solution! Thank you Antoine! Didn’t know it would reinstall all database tables. Solution solved!


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