Experience or caveats migrating away from Stripe to another portal on WordPress?

Hi folks,

I keep going in research circles, so I’d love your collective expert input.

**Does anyone have experience or caveats migrating away from Stripe to another portal on WordPress?**

I am using Cloudflare, MemberPress, and Elementor. I have a great developer.

Currently, we only collect monthly/annual membership payments, but planto build a multi-vendor marketplace and do not want to make a grave error here.
I’ve used Stripe for 9 years and I am sure they will not provide reliable or effective support. So, the new payment portal ideally has a WordPress-ready support team and procedures in place to aid in the exodus.

Lay it on me, what would the big WordPress brains do?

  1. I would not change my credit card processor because you have not given any reason why you would want to.

  2. My client uses GoDaddy payments. Supposedly, they have the lowest processing fees.


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