Fake online store?

Hello everyone, I was wondering, is there a way to create a “fake” online store?

What I mean by “fake”: I want to create a web page where customers can choose and select products (kinda like add to cart), but then instead of placing an order they’ll be prompted to send a message.

This is how I imagine it:

1) customer selects t-shirt+shorts+hat

2) customer clicks button “request order” or something similar

3) customer lands on a contact form pre-filled with t-shirt+shorts+hat where he has to input name, phone number and email

4) shop owner replies/calls customer and they agree on payment, shipping etc.

Is this possible? Am I dreaming? Do I still need to install WooCommerce or similar e-commerce plugins or can I do that in another “creative” way?

Thanks in advance!!

  1. You don’t need WooCommerce for that. Make post template for products, fill it, add request button which on click shows contact form.

  2. There are Woocommerce “request a quote” plugins specifically for this purpose.


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