Fast, Cloudflare-Hosted Static WordPress Sites – Your Thoughts?

As a developer in the WordPress ecosystem, I’ve spotted a recurring need for simple, quick-to-launch portfolio sites. Reflecting on this, I propose a streamlined service: temporary site creation that users can design, convert to static, and host on Cloudflare Pages with minimal fuss.

Here’s the gist:

* Visit & Create: Users start with a temporary site.
* Design & Customize: Easy-to-use tools and templates for rapid site creation.
* Convert & Host: Transform the site to static and push to Cloudflare for secure, fast delivery.

Why It’s Exciting:

* Efficiency and Cost: The backend runs only during site creation / editing , slashing costs. After deployment, ongoing expenses are limited to domain registration / renewal.
* WordPress : If you ever want to scale up , there is not limit on platform and you are always free to move.
* Minimal Cost : We can do for free at smaller scale and use it as a gateway to discover new clients.

Seeking Your Insight:

* Would this service interest you or your clients?
* Any features you’d desire?

Though all this can be done if you are technical enough , our aim is to simplify and make it easy to work with and not hit the CLI . Just an Idea as of now , so would love to hear your thoughts.

1 Comment
  1. If you never need to update the site and the site doesn’t have any forms/search/filtering, then sure. But if edits need to be made, the WP site needs to be hosted somewhere.


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