Fees are charged where they should not

Hi! I’m really sorry to hear that. May it be the case that the problem failed, customer got back to the payment method and selected different one without the fee?

The problem with the current approach with WooCommerce fees is that it “doesn’t work on “Pay for order” pages (manually created orders or canceled payments), because of WC limitations” (as written on the main plugin listing). They take the fee, store it in DB, and keep it with the order, which cannot be changed. I finally got some ideas on how to fix it and will implement it in the new version, but that’s not ready for shipping out.

Give me your thoughts

ello Karolina

Thank you very much for your quick reply.
Yes our suspicion is the same. That this happens when the user changes the payment options. Unfortunately this is not traceable. So we are waiting for your update of the plugin and hope that the problem is solved.

Thanks again for your quick support.

Yeah, in this case, it’s a known issue (usually not a problem for many); for this case, the upcoming premium version will solve adding a surcharge as a product instead of adding it as a fee (requires kind a lot of coding).


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