Filter by category & subcategory

I am trying to show the subcategories on the top of the product pages, preferably as buttons.

(This is without your plugin) I have a lawn/turf product website. When I am on the parent category, Fertilisers, it will show the subcategories, but when I click on a subcategory, it just shows that subcategory without the filter. no options show. So you have to go “back” a page back to the parent category and select a different subcategory.

I want to have the parent/subcategory options show (preferably as buttons) on the parent product page as well as when the subcategory page is open – so they can easily flick through subcategories, without having to click “back” to be on the parent category page to select a different subcategory.

Clear as mud? I hope that makes sense!

Is this possible with your plugin? I just want to show the parent categories on the “all products” page and then the subcategories on the categories and subcategories pages, but not all the other parent categories on the subcategories pages.

On the video I didn’t see the “subcategory” option in the dropdown when you show how to use the plugin


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