Font changed and won’t change back –

I’ve had a wordpress site with a free theme for years. Recently I added a new post and the font is different from the rest of the site. I can’t seem to find anyway to change it – customization will only change the header. I’ve explored changing the theme, but I’m afraid to pull the trigger in case all my pictures, content and formatting go poof. Does anyone have any advice for me? I’m good with computers, but the dashboard is just baffling and googline questions gives me a lot of old/outdated info.

  1. Compare the HTML (look for `<font>` and `<style>` tags) in the post with other parts of the page. There you will find what is causing the change of font.

    If you are using the block editor, i recommend you to install the classic editor plugin and enable switch editor in settings. classic editor is very useful for this situations.

  2. Hard to suggest a solution without looking at the site. To test, can you create another draft and see if it uses the new font?

  3. What elements? Header tags, paragraphs and lists? You can set custom fonts for any element. If it’s just this one post, then start there. Install What the Font extension for quick analysis. If you need to go deeper, use the Inspect tool in your browser’s Developer Tools.

    Select an element, right click > Inspect.


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