1. If there is no need for the client to be changing anything with it, hand code it so there is one less plugin that has to stay up to date and usually will be way more bloated than a few lines of code to do the same thing (this goes for a lot of plugins, not knocking the one you asked about)

  2. If the scale is low and budget is small, I would use a plugin. If the scale is large and the budget supports it, I would go for custom code.

    For example you’re making a site for a salon and they have only 4-5 services. There is very less chance they will change the content format or the design in 1 year. So using a plugin in this case is safe.

    But if you’re working for an ice cream parlor who change their flavors according to season, stop offering some flavors and introduce new ones every month, then hand coding would be more helpful.


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