Force quiz to show questions on post page

Hi llubbo18,
from what I can see – you’ve placed that button there yourself!

HD Quiz only has a “Start Quiz” button if you have the timer enabled (so that the timer doesn’t begin before a user is ready to begin). You do not have a timer on your site, so HD Quiz is not adding start quiz button.

## So what’s going on?

I believe that you’ve (or a previous admin on your site) has done the following.

First, they enabled Paginate on the first question of the quiz. (can be found under the “extra” tab when editing a question). What this feature does is hides this question and all following behind a “next” button.

Second, on the HD Quiz About / Options page, on the Translation tab they renamed the Next button to “Začať kvíz” (which I believe is Slovak for “Start the quiz”.

So my best guess is that whoever created that quiz wanted a “Start quiz” button, and so set things up in this way.

## How to fix

Just edit the first question in your quiz, and disable “paginate”.


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