Form redirect: & being changed to #038;

Hi, I have a form where I am performing some calculations and then passing them as URL parameters to another Results page. In the form behaviour, I have a redirect to a URL that looks like{calculation-1}&b={calculation-2}&c={calculation-3} etc. so a final URL would look something like

This was working fine just up until a week or two ago when & started being changed to #038; in the redirected URL. So I am ending up with;b=10#038;c=15. This is breaking my Results page because I parse the values from the URL parameters to show them on the page, and now it cannot understand the params properly.

I found two threads talking about this same issue:

  • This one on the WPMU Dev forum suggests editing a JS file in Forminator’s plugin directory. I tried following the instructions but I could not find i.location.href = anywhere in the code. Maybe it’s changed.
  • This one from the plugin support forum here suggests using AJAX as the form submission method instead of page reload. I tried this and it worked – but it introduces a new problem. Just before the redirect, it flashes the beginning of the form for a few seconds, where I have a welcome message and instructions. To the user this is confusing submission behaviour and makes the form seem broken – as if it had reset to the beginning – before you are taken to the results page.

Both threads are old so looks like it’s a longstanding issue that still hasn’t been fixed! Please help!


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