Formidable Forms – Searchable Database not functioning

Dear all, I have a trouble while try to build a search page, which perform a search in the database.

I have followed this page []( and this video [](
1. build a form that countains data imported from csv
2. create and display a view base on this form
3. create a search form, create the bottoms with default settings suchas \[get param= cname\], also create a response that redirect to the page where view was displayed, with parameter such as ?cname=\[36\], which is the key of the parameter I want to search in the view.

4. create a filter on the view, for example COUNTRY contains \[get param= cname\]

However, after I update all of these the search is not going, it shows ‘not result found’. I don’t know where went wrong, please help me!

(problems that can be excluded are:
1. the view is working, because if I replace \[get param= cname\] to italy, the view works
2. the parameter can be successfully inputed, because if I input Italy, the url change to ?cname=Italy)


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