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Hi @emelista600

I hope you’re well today!

It seems you have removed captcha from the linked form for now. I understand that but then – without it I can’t really look into it closer and see if there are any errors generated.

Usually, however, such issues are a matter of some unexpected conflicts. Two basic things to check would be:

1. if there’s any other plugin on site that supports captcha and possibly may have different keys configured or no keys at all

2. and try to use different type of captcha on the form (e.g. use V2 instead of V3)

If none of that is the case/solves the issue, could you please

– duplicate the form in question
– add captcha to that duplicated form
– put that form on some additional temporary test page on the site
– and share link to that test page so we could look there?

Best regards,

I created a dummy form and inserted a v2 CAPTCHA this time. The CAPTCHA is present when I am logged in on the administrator page, but when I am a regular user, it does not appear.

Here is the form :

Hi @emelista600

Thank you for response and providing link.

I can tell now that this is directly related to caching or, rather, optimization that LiteSpeed Cache applies to assets.

If you visit the test form page via this URL

captcha will show and work even for guests (not logged-in) visitors. That ?LSCWP_CTRL=before_optm paramter added to URL instructs LiteSpeed Cache to bypass optimization. When you are logged-in as admin you are also bypassing it out of the box (by desing).


So try this first:

1) in form’s Behavior settings make sure that both “Load form using AJAX” option and “Prevent page caching on form pages” option are enabled

2) if that alone doesn’t help, make sure to fully purge all LiteSpeed Cache caches and there’s a good chance that after it rebuilds cache and re-optimizes assets, it should work

3) if that doesn’t work either, we’ll need to find a way to exclude related scripts from LiteSpeed optimizations but for that, we’ll also need to get to know about its current settings so first, please check the first two steps above; if no luck – let us know and we’ll focus on LiteSpeed Cache configuration then.

Kind regards

Perfect! You are amazing, it works. The problem was indeed caused by Lite Speed Cache. I enabled the exclusions for the form behavior and the captcha appears correctly. Thank you very much !!!

Hi @emelista600

That’s a great news!

Thanks for letting us know and I’m glad I could help 🙂

I’ll mark it as resolved for now but in case you have any follow-up questions on this, don’t hesitate to get back to us (though for unrelated issues, please open separate new topics).

Best regards,


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