From figma to wordpress


So, i got domain and hosting, and for website builder i outsourced on upwork. So, the developer is using figma for making my website, now thing is, she sent me html code, i somehow tried to install wpcode and add code snippets as sent by her, but thing is its totally mess, colour didnt show up, words are upside down, no alignment, no structure etc

i have no idea on editing or figuring out issues with the code, since its figma that auto-generated code, what could be the issue?

How can i directly copy all code at once and get exact replika of whats being done on figma?

  1. This will be a real pain to fix without a professional developer. Figma and WordPress don’t work together like that unless you’re doing a custom theme, which the developer should be making.

  2. *How can i directly copy all code at once and get exact replika of whats being done on figma?*

    You can’t. Sorry.

    Figma is for prototypes and is not a tool for making functioning websites.

  3. I worked for client that used UX Builder (visual editor inside flatsome theme) and Figma mockups from their designer.

    The good part is that you can copy text, CSS, color codes, font-sizes from Figma but the actual build was by mostly looking and replicating “by hand”.

  4. Designing a theme from a figma file is like using any other design software (adobe XD, photoshop, etc.)

    The image assets must be exported and manually coded to work in the theme. There’s no auto export html to a finished WP theme.


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