Full WordPress Website For Beginners – Intro

If you’re looking to develop a web site or blog, no matter what the purpose, you’ve come to the right place.

I am a WordPress developer that has launched hundreds of WordPress sites over the years and I decided to launch this site section to share some of my tips and tricks and techniques in a free easy to follow step by step illustrated format.

This section is not your regular everyday ‘run-of-the-mill’ ‘rinky-dink’ WordPress tutorial though. This section provides ultra high quality instruction walking you through the entire process, from setting up your hosting account, to installing WordPress, to installing all the most essential widgets and plugins, to configuring WordPress for maximum search engine optimization results (SEO) and Security. I’ll even show you how to install Google Webmaster Tools and Microsoft Clarity, to get the best of your site. I’ll also publish an Amazon Affiliate tutorial, in case you want to monetize your brand new site. This section is, hands down, the most powerful and easy to use WordPress tutorial freely available on the Internet in 2022.

If you are serious about launching a WordPress web site or blog, I encourage you to follow each step I have outlined on this web site, starting from this page, and in progressive order, clicking through on each blue ‘Next’ button at the bottom of each page. If you follow my tutorial this way, carefully following each and every step, you’ll have a ‘Rolls-Royce’ web site with all the bells and whistles that the pros have.

My web site provides, for free, what you might find in a typical WordPress course or seminar, or what you might get from a professional web designer, with a cost of hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Go ahead, give it a spin – take a quick look at some of the instructional pages from the sidebar navigation to the right and you’ll see what I’m talking about – I provide a very high quality, step by step instructional guide complete with screen-shots, pictures, and easy to follow instructions.

When you’re done having a look around, Please Bookmark this site.

It is a $1500+ value

And I’m making it all available here completely for Free!

So, if you have a product to sell, or you just want to start earning Amazon Affiliate revenue from your hobby area of interest, or you just want to make an information site or blog for your family, organization, wedding, hobby, or business – this site is for you.

What do I ask in return? Well, while none of this is required, I do request (but do not require) you consider the following:

Please link to my web site if you can at https://projectdmc.org/ and/or recommend it to anyone you know looking to start a web site or blog. I’ve spent a lot of time developing the content on this site, and I want to make it as widely available as possible.

If you can help spread the word by providing a link to https://projectdmc.org/ from your own web site or blog, or by sharing a link to https://projectdmc.org/ with your friends and family in an email, or on LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit, or any of the other web site sharing sites such as Reddit, TikTok, etc, I’d really appreciate it!


This site will teach you how to build a WordPress website for beginners. We will cover everything from installing WordPress to adding pages, posts, and images to your site. You will learn how to customize your site with themes and plugins, as well as how to market your site online.

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