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Everyone knows how important good content is to rank in Google and to drive traffic to your website. Manually writing this content usually takes a long time that can better be spend on other tasks. That is why I created a new AI tool which creates unlimited unique articles for you for just $16/month.

Use artificial intelligence trained to write original, creative content based on the well known GPT-3 with custom modifications. You can define the topic as well as keywords it should include. Please feel free to give it a try with the free trial: [](

Many of my users use it to rank in Google, some creating 300 articles/month and more. Increase your conversion rates with creative and engaging ad copies or product descriptions and scale up your content marketing.

The most frequent question or statement I hear is “But Google doesn’t allow AI content..” they also officially don’t allow guest posts if you read their terms and conditions.

They now clarified their standpoint regarding AI content here: [](

Even CNET admitted to use AI content, and they aren’t de-indexed from Google either: [](


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