GPL library

Does anyone know of a good website that offers free, legal and safe GPL plugins and themes for wordpress? I’m tired of the risk of viruses, that many free GPL plugins contain. I’m thinking of a site that’s supported by ads or other means to cover its costs. Have you heard about []( is it safe?

  1. Are you serious ?
    What plugins do you need ?
    Are you looking for paid plugins that you want for free ?
    Or are you just looking for free plugins ?
    Please do respond.

  2. If you are looking for free plugins/themes…

    Free plugins and themes are on []( That is 100% the best and safest place to find them.

    If you are looking to get premium plugins/themes for free…

    Paid plugins/themes that you find for free on other websites are sketchy and unsafe. Perhaps more importantly, you should pay people for their work, including plugin authors. How do you think the people who create this stuff put food on their table? Do YOU wish to get paid for YOUR work?

  3. *”Does anyone know of a good website that offers free, legal and safe GPL plugins and theme”* – there’s no such thing.

  4. Those are nulled. I used some of those back in the day for dev. Switched to full licensed versions at launch.

  5. You get plugins from the author or the wordpress repo. Cheap people who don’t buy software get backdoored and fuck up the entire ecosystem. So to you sir I say fuck you and thanks for all the fish.

  6. The majority of possible plugins you will need are found on I highly recommend that when you come across something that provides some kind of supplement to a commerce, don’t put your customer at risk, go with the paid plugin. If for anything, the support. It really makes a huge difference with the amount of effort you will put trying to figure out a solution when a problem occurs.


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