Grid layout not displaying properly

I’m looking for some help. Not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but any help is appreciated.

I’m just trying to create a simple grid using the advanced posts block that is using the cover block on top of it.

The issue is that when I look at the grid in editor it displays good. It display a 4 x 3 grid.

When I look at it on the site it display 3 columns on the first row, then 4 columns on the second row and third row. Then it creates a 4th row that I never made to add one more post to the bottom.

So it’s like it takes the fourth post on the first row and creates a 4th row and puts that post on the bottom.

If I clear the cache it fixes the problem temporarily.

Not sure what’s going.

Good layout:

\[post1, post2, post3, post4\]

\[post5, post6, post7, post8\]

\[post9, post10, post11, post12\]


Bad layout:

\[post1, post2, post3, blank\]

\[post4, post5, post6, post7\]

\[post8, post9, post10, post11\]


Its as if it just skips a spot an shifts everything down a row. And the reason is not because the container is too small and the post can’t fit so it pushes the next post down, since on the 2nd and 3rd row display fine.

Again any help is appreciated.



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