Handling OPTIONS/preflight Requests in API Authentication

Issue Description: The current implementation checks for authorization headers even when the request method is OPTIONS, which causes issues. Adding a check to return a 200 status code when the request method is OPTIONS will fix this issue. This only occurs when doing GET requests from different origins. (example: http://www.example.com requesting from api.example.com)

Error Response for Missing Authorization Header: The error response for a missing authorization header includes the following details:

  • Status: error
  • Code: 401
  • Error Description: Authorization header not received. Either the authorization header was not sent or it was removed by your server due to security reasons.

Proposed Solution: Add a check in the code to return a 200 status code when the request method is OPTIONS. This will prevent the unnecessary checking for authorization headers in such cases.

Additional Resource: A helpful image that explains the process can be found at this link.

Solution example code (to be added to the files in (wp-content/plugins/wp-rest-api-authentication/admin/partials/flow)):


$response = array(

'status' => 'success',

'message' => 'Preflight request accepted.',

'code' => '200',


wp_send_json($response, 200);



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