Help: I want to create websites for small businesses but dont want to buy separate plans for each site.

This may be obvious to yall but im somewhat new to this. I just bought the creator plan under the impression I could create and publish multiple sites, I didnt know I had to buy a separate plan for each site.

Is there a way that once you create a site, you can migrate it off of wordpress and host it on a different platform (hostinger?) so that the client gets their site up and published, and then I can still use the same wordpress plan to then create another site for a different client from scratch, without having to buy another plan?

Thanks for any help yall can provide 🙏🏻

Edit: also, if what i said is possible, lets say the first client wants to edit the content on the site, how would I go about doing that if Ive migrated it off of wordpress and already have another site in the works on my single creator account?

  1. I have about a dozen of small clients with WordPress and Drupal, including two Woo e-shops on a single VPS server managed by Plesk. The costs of running this server and Plesk license total to ~ 30 € / month, or 360 € a year. But it took me several years to gather enough webdev/servers knowledge. It may be faster these days since AIs know this stuff really well.

    Typical hosting companies may offer good “multihosting” plans, but do your research, quality and performance varies widely.


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