Help: my meta tags cannot be adjusted?


A while ago a website I made was under cyber attack and was actually hacked. They indexed 500k+ pages on the Analytics page and changed all meta tags to Japanese characters.

I deleted every bad file they put on the site and made it more secure. But I have a problem… The website is still indexed with all these fubu links. I tried to reindex it but to delete all these indexed pages I have to wait 6 months.

On my home page the meta tags are still Japanese which is a weird look for people who search the website in Google. I have SEO plugin where I can change the meta tag but it still shows the Japanese characters… How can I change this?

  1. Did you actually clean the site? I.e. remove malware and remove *how* the malware got in. If not, it will keep coming back.

  2. Are you sure that isn’t just search spam? That’s where a dodgy url and keywords are spammed into your search box, and Google indexes the results page.

    Or have you actually confirmed it’s in the page source code meta tags?


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