Help wanted. (transitioning from .com to .org)


I’m writing this on an alt account just so it’s kept out of my personal business. I recently started a blog, and after countless videos of successful bloggers I signed up for WordPress (unknowing there was two versions) I set up a domain name that I really like and already made two posts, but I have problems

1) I cannot figure out how to format it properly on mobile devices.

2) I want the superior hosting platform (.org apparently) so that I can 100% own my website and eventually start earning money from it.

3) I paid for the premium access to and can likely get a refund but I want to keep my domain name. Can I transfer all of it to .org?

If there is anyone who is knowledgeable on this topic and is available to help me out? I would gladly pay for any services in setting up my site. I’m eager to just focus on writing and being consistent without the format and (future) hosting/monetization issues.

Thank you and lots of love to those who gave my post the time to read.

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