Help with Explorer Plan

I’ve been using WordPress for just under a year (I’m pretty tech savvy) and have been frustrated recently. I’ve googled my issues and can’t find answers. For context, I’m using []( with the Explorer Site Plan (which is paid for through July 2025).


1. I’m going to rebrand my business and want to change my theme – will I lose the custom patterns and templates I’ve created?
2. Staging/Sandbox – It looks like I can’t create a staging site unless I upgrade to Creator.
3. Are plugins only available with the Creator plan? I want to embed Hubspot forms

  1. Change hosting, honestly most of your problems are and will be cause of that garbage hosting.

  2. Don’t use Get a refund and move to proper WP hosting literally anywhere else.

  3. To answer your qyuestions:

    1. You will probably lose your custom templates but you wont lose your custom patterns. You can also copy and paste Blocks so you could select all the blocks in a pattern and then paste them into the new theme. Also to be clear this is how WordPress itself works so this will be true on any hosting platform.
    2. Yes, the Creator plan is required for staging sites.
    3. Yes, the Creator plan is required, but worth noting the []( forum block handles everything for you so you don’t have to pay for extra features or set up an SMTP plugin just to get email updates:


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