Help with WP needed – image is getting replaced

I added a new blog post with an image of top of the page. When I checked my older posts, the image of one of the older post got replaced with this new image for new post. Image files are different.

If I replace the image of the old post, the image of the new post gets updated too. So I am in stuck with same image on two posts. Please note this happens only when you click Learn More link on either of the posts. Appreciate any help.


EDIT: maybe it has something to do with featured image setting? For context, I use Divi theme.

  1. Can you try clearing your browser cache or disable any cache plugins you have installed.

  2. Can we see the site, so that we can inspect the code? It sounds like you’re editing your blog template, not the post itself, or the image block in the post is a global block (I’m not familiar with Divi but most page builders have that feature)


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