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Thanks for your post and sorry for the trouble!

The cause for this is some optimization of JavaScript files on the site, apparently from an over-aggressive optimization plugin (something with “mvt” in the name, it seems).

In particular, that plugin seems to change how the jQuery JavaScript library is loaded (it’s now “lazy-loaded”). However, that breaks the code of TablePress and other plugins so that you will need to turn that functionality off.


Hi Tobias,

thank you so much for that very fast reply. Appreciate it!

That mvt seems to be the theme optimization. I can exclude certain JS from from any deferment or minification performed by the theme. Can you maybe name the specific JS of table press that has to be excluded?

I have just noticed, that in Chrome, the table seems to be displayed correctly. Everything is working there. However in Firefox and Safari the table is overflowing, as described. Do you think an agressive optimization of JS can be the cause of this?

Edit: The table seems to be working in Chrome for https://www.oatsandcrumbs.com/haferflockenbrot/, but not for all the pages. Here it is not working: https://www.oatsandcrumbs.com/saftiger-haferflocken-kuchen-ohne-mehl/

Not sure whats the difference in those two..

Regards, Thomas

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For me, this is not working on Chrome either. The difference between the browsers likely is that you are logged-in into WordPress in Chrome. So, to test this, I recommend to always try a “private”/”incognito” browsing tab.

As for the files to exclude: Please exclude these three:



Thank you Tobias for the support and the great plugin!
Now everything works fine again 🙂

Regards, Thomas


no problem, you are very welcome! 🙂 Good to hear that this helped!

Best wishes,

P.S.: In case you haven’t, please rate TablePress in the plugin directory. Thanks!


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