Horizontal scrolling without having a header


Thanks for your post and sorry for the trouble!

While it is necessary that the table has a header row for the horizontal scrolling (and other visitor features) to work, that header row could be hidden with CSS code. (The TablePress premium versions also have another implementation of horizontal scrolling that does not require having a header row.)

However, I’m not sure that it’s the header row that is causing the issue with your tooltips. It’s probably more the fact that scrolling is used, as this usually means that no content from inside the scrolling container can be displayed outside of it.

If you could post a link to the page with your table with the tooltips, I might be able to check that.


Hi Tobias,

Thank you for the great idea!
So I added an empty row on top and set it as a header and everything works now!
The tool tips are not cut off anymore since the real header row is technically not a header anymore. I guess the issue was really that the tool tips can only be displayed inside the table body.

Thanks again!


no problem, you are very welcome! 🙂 Good to hear that this helped!

Best wishes,

P.S.: In case you haven’t, please rate TablePress in the plugin directory. Thanks!


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